Auto-off is a feature which allows you to configure VMPower to automatically turn off VMs when their utilization metrics are below a certain threshold for a certain amount of time.

Configuring Auto-off

First, create a VM Group if you already haven't done so.

Next, go to the Auto-off section and select your VM Group from the dropdown list:

Auto-off Group Select

Auto-off Settings

Then you'll see the Auto-off settings you can apply to each VM in the group below:

Auto-off Group Select

  • Auto-off After - The number of hours that each VMs in this group should be 'idle' for before VMPower shuts it off
  • Notify Me - The number of hours before notifying that at VM in the group will be turning off.
  • Exception Hours - When enabled, Auto-off will not occur between these hours daily.

Idle Settings

It is very important you set your idle settings because VMPower doesn't know what your CPU usage profile is. You can tell VMPower when to consider VMs in the group as idle by modifying the thresholds for Network In/Out CPU and Disk In/Out. You can also exclude metrics that you don't want VMPower to take into consideration. For example the configuration below instructs VMPower to consider a VM idle if its Max CPU has never exceeded 10%:

Idle Settings

Without these settings VMPower may never tag your VMs as idle.


When you get an Auto-off warning notification email, VMPower sends a secure one-click link to power off the VM immediatley you can click directly from your email - even if not logged in:

Auto-off warning email

When the VM is powered off you can easily start it up with another power-on secure one-click link:

Auto-off email